Super Glamorous Times

Recently, I had this moment where I was at a resort and I was lying by the pool in a swimsuit that I had scoured the web for in a very specific style of swimsuit fashion that I was determined to be my look for this experience. (Yes I am that crazy but every girl is so yeah). 

Anyway, a server just brought me a frozen drink poolside and this song just happened to come on that I was really feeling during that trip and I thought, “Okay. This is perfect.”

And as I took a breath to relax and *truly* enjoy this moment—

Do you know what happened next?

A bird pooped right down the front of my coveted swimsuit.

Just as a group of dudes walked up and saw the whole situation unfold, and then awkwardly asked if any of the empty pool chairs around me were taken. 

My life, the blooper reel.